Leek and Potato Soup


Happy New Year everyone.  We’ve had several meals this week using up leftovers from the festive season, often combining them with provender from the allotment.  Last night I diced the remainder of a gammon joint and put it into a black bean stew made with the Cherokee Veil of Tears beans.  Today lunch was home made bread with Leek and Potato soup using chicken stock from the weekend’s roast.  Both the leeks and potatoes came from the allotment.  The leeks are the first I’ve pulled from a row which are looking quite handsome at the moment.  The potatoes are Charlotte, so ideal as salad potatoes.  However they are getting a bit green and starting to sprout in the bag now so we have been peeling them well and using them up.  They’re delicious.

Meanwhile the seed catalogue is already laying about on the sofa and I’m starting to make a list of what we would like for the coming season.  I’ll get the seed box out at the end of the week and see what I have already.  I’ve saved a few sweet potatoes to grow slips from.  It’s tempting to chit the Charlottes from the bag, but one is supposed to start with disease-free seed potatoes each year so I think I’ll be a good boy and do that.

Anyway, here’s the recipe for the soup:

160g leeks (just the pale parts)
160g potato
100g onion
25g butter
1 level tsp dried mixed herbs
1/4 tsp powdered fenugreek
1/4 tsp salt
450ml approx, chicken stock
a little milk
100ml single cream

All of those were weighed after preparation and this made three large or four smaller portions of thick soup.  Fry the onion gently in butter until it starts to go transparent, then add in the leeks and continue to fry until they are also transparent.  If you have a good layer of fat on the stock you could use that to fry in.  Add in the potato and herbs and fenugreek and fry a little longer.  This will take about 10 mins in total.

Add enough chicken stock to cover.  If your stock is very salty you might not need to add salt, or be cautious and adjust at the end.  Bring to the boil and turn down to a simmer until the potato is very soft.  About half an hour.  Allow to cool a little before liquidising.  If the result is too stiff to churn over in the liquidiser add a little milk.  Return the soup to the pan, add the cream and heat whilst stirring to keep it from sticking to the pan.  Adjust salt at this stage if necessary.

You could garnish with chives. I didn’t have any, but the flat leaf parsley is still holding on, sheltering under a seat on the patio so I used a few leaves of that.


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6 Responses to Leek and Potato Soup

  1. Sue says:

    Looks lovely! Will try it out! Happy New Year! Sue and Mary

  2. sue katz says:

    Please promise me that you’ll make this for me when next we are together. It is my favorite soup (except when I’m sick – then it’s my own chicken soup), but I didn’t even recognize some of the ingredients, haven’t weighed an ingredient in my life, and feel I’m better suited to eating than making it. Blowing kisses….

    • Mike Evans says:

      I don’t normally weigh ingredients for soup either. I thought I’d better have a usable recipe if I was going to post about it so I eye-balled it and then weighed it as I went and wrote it down. Mwah.

  3. Happy New Year , that soup looks just delicious. BTW are those Cherokee beans the same as Cherokee Wax? I’m just growing some of those.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Hi Leonie. I think the beans are different. I just looked up Cherokee Wax and they are a yellow bean. Cherokee Trail of Tears is a green-podded bean which goes reddish as it dries and contains black seeds.

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