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Today I Re-potted a Tree

Finally the allotment is under control, the squash and pumpkins have taken off, the beans are climbing the poles, and even flowering.  I’ve harvested the last of the strawberries and the raspberries are coming on stream.  I’ve picked the first … Continue reading

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Leek and Potato Soup

Happy New Year everyone.  We’ve had several meals this week using up leftovers from the festive season, often combining them with provender from the allotment.  Last night I diced the remainder of a gammon joint and put it into a … Continue reading

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Butternut Thai Red Curry

No posts for a while.  Several were intended but nothing quite made it to the Publish button.  Tonight I’m supposed to be out dancing at an Argentine Tango masked ball with live music, but I’ve had a cold this past … Continue reading

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On Pots and Beans

Here’s a quick update on the ‘Fire Station’ pots finished with the gold lustre on the neck, which are currently on display at ArtSpring Gallery in Tonbridge. They’ve raised quite a bit of interest and, encouragingly, a sale too.  They … Continue reading

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Cherokee Trail of Tears

Last Autumn local artist in handmade paper Julie Taylor gave me about a dozen beans of “Cherokee Trail of Tears.”  The name refers to the forced relocation of the Cherokee nation from their native lands in Georgia, South Carolina, North … Continue reading

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Seed Order Day

January seems mostly to have been a month for doing unexciting, mundane things that I really didn’t want to be doing but had to be done all the same.  Filing my tax return for example, changing gas and electricity supplier, … Continue reading

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Upper Back Pain Massage Course

Last year I attended a wonderful course for advanced students in Thai massage at the Mudhita School in London focusing on the causes and treatment of lower back pain.  This year the same team of Ralf Marzen and Cyprian Londt … Continue reading

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