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And so it begins…

I know the year officially began a month ago, and Chinese New Year is last week, but it really feels as though it starts when I put the first seeds in.  I’m not doing onions from seed so the first … Continue reading

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It’s been ages since I posted but nothing’s wrong, it just didn’t make it to the top of the to-do list until now.  One thing that has kept me busy is watering at the allotment as it was dry for … Continue reading

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Essential Foot Care

I just thought I would write up my thoughts on something that I have come to take seriously when I’m travelling in Thailand. Of course when we are away from home we pack some essential toiletries and a few things … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai 2019 – first report

I’m writing this in a hostel in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. I’m here to take further training in Thai massage with Ajahn (Master) Suwat at Thara Massage. I called about coming in January about the start of … Continue reading

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Fast Response Mk2

So, as promised here is a follow up on my relatively short fast of seven days.  Yes – I know, some people call that an ‘extended fast’ but this post is all about how I feel about it.  My current … Continue reading

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Fast Response

Eating disorder trigger warning:  This isn’t about being quick – it’s about not eating.  And I don’t mean not eating for part of the day as in a Ramadan fast, or ‘intermittent fasting.’  I mean not eating anything at all … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Time

I’ve made no posts for quite a while.  Everything is fine, it has just been a busy summer and world news has been a little scary.  I have a sense of holding my breath. (Not literally of course, I would … Continue reading

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