Mike1A little bit about me then:  I live in Tonbridge, UK.  After a career in IT I’ve ‘retired’ to focus on other things.  How has this been possible?   Simple, really: fairly consistent work up to that point and not having expensive tastes or a lavish lifestyle!

Pottery had been a serious hobby for over 20 years and I intended to focus on that in retirement.  Alongside that I enjoy making a home with my wonderful partner, cooking tasty food from simple wholesome ingredients, baking my own bread and keeping mind and body in good shape.

On a post-retirement trip to Australia we had a stop-over in Bangkok and a Thai friend of a friend who lives there acted as a guide.  He took me for my first full Thai massage.  I was so blown away by the experience that I had to learn more and returned to Thailand the following year to take an introductory course.  Since then I’ve become a fully qualified practitioner.

So now life is a juggling game between pottery, Thai massage and keeping body and soul together.  It’s pretty good.