New Work for Open Studios 2015

I’ve been working towards having a new body of work for South East Open Studios 2015.  It’s getting close now – I’m open the first two weekends in June.  Details of my openings are on my page at SEOS.  The first batch came out of a glaze firing yesterday


CIMG1169Some new vase forms in the green/cranberry combination and a new shape of cooking/serving dish in my domestic ware range.  One of the vases is already spoken for so I’ll try to make a few more in the remaining few weeks.  Of course I’ll have some of the other forms I’ve been making like jugs and garlic pots available too.

The free catalogues for SEOS are now available and flicking through it there is a truly amazing variety and quality of work in all sorts of media to be seen.   If you live in the area you should be able to get a copy from a local library, information centre etc.  I also have a supply to so let me know if you’d like one or call by some time.


I’ve reloaded the kiln with the next batch for a bisc firing.  The photo above shows one of my large platters in the raw clay state on the top shelf of the kiln.  That’s going to be running today whilst I’m at a committee meeting in London for the part of the Craft Potters Association which looks after members and associate members.  This will be a good opportunity to nose round the basement stores of Contemporary Ceramics where we meet, which is always an inspiration.

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2 Responses to New Work for Open Studios 2015

  1. Sue Katz says:

    Your work is (almost) as handsome as you are, Mike.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Haha – but the pots will look like they do for thousands of years if they are well cared for. I doubt I’ll last that long. I was at the British Museum today and it’s a sobering thought that pots made today could be the archaeology of the future.

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