Same Sex Dance Radio Documentary

CarysLinkedInMy niece, Carys Brain, is near the end of her post-grad broadcast media course in London.  As part of her final exams she had to create a 15 minute radio documentary on a subject of her choice.  She chose to investigate the world of partner dance amongst the LGBT community, which has grown into what can best be described as “Queer Dance.”  It’s not necessarily about men dancing with men or women dancing with women, but also about mixed sex couples where the woman leads, or couples of any combination in which the lead changes during the dance.

Anyway what I want to say is that I’m really proud of what Carys has produced and I’d love to share it with you:

Links to some of the events mentioned:

Pink Jukebox – classes on 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoons each month
Queer Tango London – classes every Monday evening
Jacky’s JukeboxThe Rivoli Ballroom, first Saturday night of each month

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1 Response to Same Sex Dance Radio Documentary

  1. Judy Wood says:

    It’s an excellent interview you must be very proud of her .

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