On Pots and Beans


Here’s a quick update on the ‘Fire Station’ pots finished with the gold lustre on the neck, which are currently on display at ArtSpring Gallery in Tonbridge.

They’ve raised quite a bit of interest and, encouragingly, a sale too.  They are a real departure for me in terms of colour and finish but now that I’ve had a play in that direction I’m tempted to try to re-create the colours that appear on some of the leaves in the garden as they turn red and yellow.

As anyone who grows veg will know – now is the time to be planning the planting of garlic.  It should apparently be in the ground by the shortest day of the year.  I’m not sure whether I’ll grow any this year but there is a good crop almost ready in the pottery.  I’m planning to fire these in preparation for the re-hang of the gallery at the start of next week.  If you’re available why not come along to the gallery on Thursday evening to see the new show?  The gallery is open late on the first Thursday of the month, until 8pm.  This is an initiative led by the gallery (Times of Tonbridge article here) and a number of other nearby retailers are joining in.

dozengarlicsThe Garlic storage jars are the only things I currently make in earthenware, so that they remain breathable.  They’ve been very popular over the years I’ve made them.

Meanwhile on the real veg growing front we have been harvesting the last of the drying beans.  The white Spangna Bianca beans have done particularly well.  I hope to get to the allotment next week and take the bean canes down.  No doubt I’ll find a few pods which haven’t dried yet, but I’ll pick them anyway and use the beans fresh.  I feel another post coming on with a recipe for a warming bean casserole, stew or soup.  I have a few but new recommendations are always welcome.

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3 Responses to On Pots and Beans

  1. The fire station pots are looking great. So strange to think that when I return home shortly I will be planting beans. That’s the other side of the world for you.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Yes – I guess you would be planting beans and harvesting garlic rather than the other way around. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of your Japanese adventure…

      • So am I Mike. As always the most interesting work I made came at the last moment and I’m now in limbo as my open studio is about to start and all my art making materials are packed away prior to our departure. I’m just starting another post so you will get some updates over the coming days and weeks.

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