More Empty Bowls


The results of a firing which was mostly filled with soup bowls in preparation for Empty Bowls Tonbridge at Tonbridge Old Fire Station on May 11th and 12th.  This will be a community supper – arrive 7pm for 7:30.  Potters are making bowls, top notch local chefs are making soup, the local bakehouse is donating bread.  You can sample all of the soups and you get to take your hand made bowl home with you at the end of the night.  All the money raised will go to The Bridge Trust.  Tickets are £20 and are available online from Tonbridge Old Fire Station, or in person if you call at the Bakehouse at 124 High Street, Tonbridge.

I’m acting at the collection point for all the bowls so I’ll take some photos of them all together once I have them.  Here are some I’ve received already in  a photo taken by my co-organiser, Hildegard Pax.  The bowl on the left is by Liz Stace and the one on the right by Jayne Crookshank


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3 Responses to More Empty Bowls

  1. Lovely bowls. I hope the fund raising goes well.

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