Upper Back Pain Massage Course

GroupPhoto1Last year I attended a wonderful course for advanced students in Thai massage at the Mudhita School in London focusing on the causes and treatment of lower back pain.  This year the same team of Ralf Marzen and Cyprian Londt put together a companion course on upper back pain, covering the thoracic and cervical spine, shoulders and arms.

manualCyprian taught the anatomy and some techniques from osteopathy which also work well with Thai massage.  He had put together a comprehensive course manual which I still have to study in detail. Ralf demonstrated how existing techniques in Thai massage have traditionally addressed these same issues.

As I’ve now come to expect on Thai massage courses, there was a great group of keen students.  Everyone was enthusiastic to practice and share the experience with each other, which is so useful as certain techniques will work better, or feel different on one body compared to another.  Ralf has a great way of bringing the group together as a learning community and I thoroughly recommend his courses to anyone.  Already I’ve seen clients where the techniques have been useful.

CIMG2646After five days away staying with friends in London I came home to the treat of this bonsai maple putting on a firework display.  Although it was still good when I returned, D had not wanted me to miss it so took this photo whilst I was away.

This past week has been focussed on harvesting the sweetcorn (which has finally ripened) picking the last of the runner and drying beans and trying to get the allotment ready for the winter.  I’m then away for 11 days on a vipassana meditation course, so no posts for a couple of weeks.

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