New Shoes

I was never much of a runner, but I developed a bit of a running habit in my 40’s and used to enjoy trotting through the country lanes for about 10 miles.  I’d occasionally pop it up to the 13.1 miles of a half-marathon, and even once entered the Paddock Wood Half Marathon on a whim and completed in 1hr 53mins.  So certainly not a proper runner.

RunningShoesThen I fell out of the habit.  I was having a problem with sciatic pain and decided to give it a rest.  The sciatica has long since cleared up, and it felt like time to get out again.  I gave up my gym membership a couple of years ago too so my main exercise for the past couple of years has been yoga, ballroom dancing (which is more exercise than you realise when you do it for 4 hours at a time) and of course giving Thai massage and working the allotment are exercise too.

I bought my first pair of Asics Men’s Gel Nimbus running shoes at a branch of Sweatshop.  It was the Mk 2, that shoe is now on the Mk 16 and they put out one a year so I suppose it was 13 or 14 years ago.  I was having trouble with a pair of Reebok shoes I had bought and they gave me some good advice on selecting a suitable shoe, got me to run around their in-store track.  I’ve bought the same shoe every time since, sometimes visiting and sometimes from their online store.  Sure enough, when I was there last week I got the latest ones.

RunningMapSo last weekend I went out for a run.  Just through the top part of Tonbridge and out to Barden Lake, once round the lake and home.  Oh dear oh dear!  I reckon it comes to 6.3km (3.9 miles) and it took me about 50 minutes, I only just managed to keep going.  The following day I could feel the soreness in my legs, and it lasted a couple more days.  I was learning that lesson again: all exercise is specific – you can do what you train for.

Yesterday, one week later, out I go again.  This time I managed two circuits round the lake, which is 7.6km or 4.7 miles, and just about made it home without resorting to a walk.  When I checked the timing it was 50 minutes, so without realising it I was faster.  I did feel dreadful when I got home but this morning there’s no soreness.  The human body is just amazing.  One week and I’m already adapting.  Well let’s hope so.

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4 Responses to New Shoes

  1. Thankfully rubbish knees prevent me from running! But I do cycle and go to the gym. I gind it just takes the shortest time away from exercise before regular conditioning fades away and it seems you’re back where you started. Good on you for keeping on. The gym I go to actually attracts a lot of people older than me so when you see someone on a walking stick or with obvious impairment going from machine to machine all my excuses go out the door and I can realise I’m in a ‘good place’ after all.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Somehow I managed to get through my adolescence without wrecking my knees. A natural aversion to football (i.e. soccer) probably helped. Reading on neuroscience and movement I’ve been doing lately keeps showing up how important movement is for us. I’m starting to think that ballroom dancing should be compulsory!

      • I love the idea of going ballroom dancing by my partner has two left feet! Nor am I sure how my knee, which is partially replaced would like it. But I still bop away in the privacy of my loungeroom.

      • Mike Evans says:

        My husband doesn’t dance either. He tried gamely when we were first dating but just didn’t get on with it. Fortunately he’s OK with me going off and dancing with others. The places I go to dance everyone dances with everyone else so turning up with a partner isn’t necessary. In most of the places it’s open for anyone to lead or follow regardless of gender, which suits me as I enjoy both.

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