Strawberry Time

StrawberriesThis week the strawberry bed on the allotment has gone crazy.  It started ramping up last week.  This is the second batch this size this week and there will be another lot in a day or so.

We have had them for dinner and breakfast.  I’ve frozen three trays full.  I’ve given several tubs to neighbours.  Next time one of us is in town we shall have to pick up some sugar for jam.  We’re not big users of jam, but a couple of pots will be a nice reminder of the summer.

It must be nearly time for Wimbledon.  A couple of weeks and strawberry season will all be over, but boy it will have been good.  Meanwhile the broad beans are nearly ready and there are a couple of tiny courgettes forming.  I’m sure they’ll be lovely too, but somehow not as exciting as strawberries.

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2 Responses to Strawberry Time

  1. Whoa! What a haul. I’m the only strawberry lover in my house, except for visiting currawongs (large bird about the size of a raven) who like to get their cut. This year I’ve finally had a productive alpine strawberry which is very tasty. Sadly it’s mid winter herr so the strawberries will be a few months off.

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