Open Studios 2015

SEOS2015-1Here are some quick photos of my set-up for South East Open Studios 2015.  My work is ceramic, which mankind has been making in one way or another for thousands of years.  Yet I took these photos using my mobile phone, uploaded them to a Dropbox account on the Internet, from where I could download them to my laptop over WiFi whilst sitting in the studio (i.e the garage) edit them and write this post.  Two very different technologies.

SEOS2015-2Last weekend the number of visitors for Open Studios wasn’t as high as in previous years, but those who did visit liked my work and bought some, so sales were respectable.  The large platter in the second photo was sold, and someone else came only 15 minutes later and wanted that one too.  Whilst I have others that size, naturally I only had the one decorated  like that!

Tomorrow (Sunday 14th) I’ll be bringing my wheel down from the pottery and sitting there demonstrating.  (Or quite possibly making a complete fool of myself in public by demonstrating how not to do it!)  Either way it should be entertaining, so do drop by if you’re able.

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