Early Gazpacho

An early high pressure system has brought us clear skies for a few days.  Today also has light winds and the sun is warming the patio.  The hedgerows are greening up, the bonsai maples are breaking leaf and the blue tits are nesting in the box.  Today seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a quick gazpacho soup  for lunch outside in the sun.  It’s been chilling in the fridge all morning and will go perfectly with the malthouse sourdough bread I made yesterday.


This is a quickie recipe which requires no advance preparation other than the time for it to chill and the flavours to mingle.  I don’t measure anything and it all goes in the blender for a zizz and then I put the blender goblet in the fridge to chill.  I give it a quick zizz more to remix before serving.  We had a yellow bell pepper rather than the usual red we use so in it went. Approximate quantities  for 2 generous servings:

cucumber – about 10cm piece
1/2 large red or green sweet pepper
one very small or half a medium onion
one clove garlic
1/3 tsp dried oregano
1/3 tsp dried mixed herbs
good glug of extra virgin olive oil – about 2tbs
sherry vinegar – about 1/2 tbs
black pepper
salt – just a little as the tomato juice probably already has salt added.  I use Lo-Salt.
500ml tomato juice (half a 1l carton)
a little cold water

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