Work for ArtSpring 2015

Starting a new season with new inspirations – at least that was the intention.  I had some ideas of what I wanted, and some glazes which I hoped would enable that to be realised.  Of course the glazes had to be adapted to the materials I have and tested, and the resulting test firing was disappointing.  With ArtSpring 2015 coming up those ideas have had to go on hold.


A while ago I had a dabble with another interesting technique which showed promise so I decided to return to that.  A fairly thick walled pot is thrown and then coated with a layer of oxide suspended in sodium silicate.  Sodium silicate is also known as waterglass.  It used to be used as a preservative for eggs because in a thin coat it quite rapidly forms a skin.  This is the property I’m relying on.  Once the pot is coated and the surface dried a little it can be thrown out to shape with a hand on the inside only.  The surface skin cracks as it stretches and forms an interesting pattern.  The effect fits with my recent themes inspired by the textures and patterns of sedimentary rock deposits.  The photo above shows the pots I threw a couple of days ago.  The oxides should show through the semi-transparent white glaze I use.

With luck they will be fired and glazed ready for ArtSpring 2015, which starts on 31 March.  If you are able to get to Tonbridge between then and Easter Sunday it would be great to see you.  Do let me know when you’ll be there and I’ll try to make it down to the gallery if I don’t happen to be stewarding that day.

When these pots are fired there will be another series of glaze tests alongside them.  Hopefully they will provide the solutions for the effects I’m looking for.  Sometimes I envy painters who can get colours out of a tube and just get on with creating the ‘art’ part of their work.  Whilst it doesn’t make creating paintings easy it does at least mean that one part of the process is reliable.

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4 Responses to Work for ArtSpring 2015

  1. sjdem says:

    These are great Mike – wonderful colours ! I am looking forward to seeing more 🙂

    • Mike Evans says:

      Well the colours will change once they are fired and glazed – though I have been admiring them as they are drying and wondering if I should work on some dry glazes which look like this when they are fired!

  2. bglassbcn says:

    That is such an interesting result using the water glass in this way. I’ve only used it as deflocculant in cast slips and to make terra sigilliata (that’s such a long time ago now). I would love to see the finished pieces 😉 Good luck with the exhibition!

    • Mike Evans says:

      I glazed them yesterday. I want to get a couple of glaze tests made up to include in the firing but I reckon I’ll fire them Tuesday or Wednesday – nothing like taking it to the wire! Mind you I have taken pots to an exhibition warm from the kiln in the past. Eek! Anyway I’ll try to get photos – even if they are just how they look out of the kiln on the bench.

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