Three Jugs

ThreeJugs600Finally I’ve made the commitment to participate in South East Open Studios in June this year.  Whilst I was at it I took some photos of work which is in the pottery at the moment and chose this image of three jugs (about 18cm high each) to be in my catalogue entry this year.  Preparations are also under way for ArtSpring 2015 at Tonbridge School from 31st March to 5th April so suddenly the pottery year seems to have started.

I’m interested in working on some new forms and glazes for the ArtSpring event so I’ve been sourcing some materials for those this week.  Glaze development can take months so there isn’t much time to get trials in.  If that doesn’t work I’ve got some ideas using existing glazes to fall back on.  Meanwhile the weather is set to turn more wintry.  That might mean I have more time to spend in the pottery, but it also means it will be cold out there, and pots will take ages to dry.  Better get busy!

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4 Responses to Three Jugs

  1. BTMc says:

    Good luck to you, sounds very challenging and could be fun also. Fantastic jugs by the way.

  2. Anita Axell says:

    Can I reserve one of those jugs or order one please? Can collect when I visit later in the year for C’s graduation.

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