Thai massage website launch


It’s here – finally!  My new website for traditional Thai massage in Tonbridge, Kent, is up and running.  I’ve put a link at the top of this blog or you can visit directly by visiting.

Since receiving my first Thai massage I have not doubted that there is a wonderful healing power in this approach to treatment.  I’m not fool enough to think that with a few years training and practice I have become some wonderful healer.  The healing comes from the body itself, and Thai massage opens that possibility, brings the body’s attention to what is necessary and possibly facilitates it in various ways.

The journey has been a long one.  Not so much the years since I first became interested and started training, nor the various courses and exams along the way, nor even the development of the website.  More so the on-off decision to make this into something I ‘do’ professionally.  I have needed time.

L60A7212Perhaps the details of that is something I could write about another time.  For now I’d like to thank all the people who have been involved.   My massage teachers, my anatomy teachers, those who have acted as practice bodies and case studies, those who were models for the photos on the website and to Hanri for taking the pictures.  Finally to everyone who has come for massage and for your open an honest feedback and encouragement – Thank you.

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8 Responses to Thai massage website launch

  1. says:

    Keith has Reiki which he finds helpful. Hope you have fully recovered from “the lurgie” R.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Yes, all seems to have cleared finally. There seems to be a lot of it about at the moment – and many people have said that it went on for weeks too.

  2. taramoyle says:

    This is great, Mike! It seems a very genuine expression of who you are and I’m sure many will benefit from your massages. You two are always welcome here if you ever want to blog about New Jersey, or tabby cats. 😉

    • Mike Evans says:

      Thanks! I’ve enjoyed getting this far with it, and it’s really because of the encouragement of others that I’ve decided that I should take it further.

  3. Gary Rith says:

    Delighted to hear your comments about mice, how clever! Wonderful pottery you have also 🙂

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your comment on my pottery blog, it was good to hear from you. I am now greatly enjoying reading your blog! The review of John Britt’s cone 6 book was interesting for me as I have his cone 10 book, and they both appear to have similar strengths and weaknesses! I may yet get his cone 6 book as that range of temperature is certainly a very useful one to work in.
    Although I now live in New Zealand, I spent probably the happiest years of my childhood in Pembury when my father taught at Concord College, which was not far from Tonbridge in those days. Always nice to be reminded of life in your part of the UK. Best Wishes. Peter

    • Mike Evans says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for reading, and getting in touch. Wow – I used to live in Five Oak Green in the 80s, then moved around a bit before settling back in Tonbridge. All familiar territory to you I should think.

      Your tenmoku and crystalline glaze bowl had me looking through John’s book for some similar cone 6 glazes as I’d rather like to try that effect.

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