Each year the Princes Trust holds a “Christmas Fayre” and their offices in central London.  It is an opportunity for businesses launched by their supported young people to showcase their products and services.

CIMG0433One of the stalls with a definite buzz around it this year was Phone Heroes.  (Mobile device repair specialists based in Hendon and Brent Cross shopping centre)  Whilst the initial proposition of their business was same day mobile and tablet repairs, they have branched out into retailing products.  They had sealed an iPad into one of their waterproof cases and with supreme confidence had it sitting, fully functioning, at the bottom of a tank of water.

I spoke to one of the guys on the stall about the product and their business.  He said how they had been personally testing every case for quality before shipping it out because they were aware that they only had to have one leaky one and their business reputation would be ruined on social media.

I’m not an Apple product user, however they did have something which caught my eye.  The Papaya Power Bank is a neat, lightweight and robust little unit which stores enough power to recharge a mobile phone twice.  Charging input is via a micro-USB socket so you can plug your ordinary phone charger into it, or use the little USB to micro-USB lead supplied to charge from any USB outlet.

CIMG0434To charge a phone you simply reverse the lead, plugging into the full size USB outlet on the device and putting the micro-USB into your phone.  If you use Apple products which have their own connectors they provided a free multi-way cable.  You simply press and hold the button on the device and charging begins.

An added handy feature is a bright-white LED on the unit which lights when you double-click the button.  This means that I can put the unit in my back-pack in place of the little torch of about the same size that I usually carry.  It would make a perfect present for someone – and that someone is…. ME! I got one.

One problem is that the little operating guide included in the box isn’t very good.  It doesn’t tell you about when and how to use the button and when I got the unit home it didn’t seem to work.  I called Phone Heroes’ support number and explained.  He talked me through operating the device without treating me like a complete moron.  He concluded that the unit really was faulty, apologised, and promised me that he would have a replacement in the post to me the following morning.  It arrived promptly and has been working perfectly.

Thanks guys for a great little product and super customer care.  I wish you every success with your new business.

Finally – for those of my readers celebrating Christmas, and even to those who don’t:  I hope you have a loving and peaceful time.

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  1. Graham says:

    Looks brilliant – thanks for the tip

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