The Yoga Diaries: Week 4

So this is the fourth week and again it’s been patchy.  I suspect that the cold that I finally went down with on Sunday had been building most of the week.  What with the back pain episode last week and the cold this week I’ve not been able to build a more or less complete primary series practice in four weeks as I had hoped.

Monday:  Ashtanga primary through to Navasana, supported bridge and back bend and forward fold.  Cut-down finishing sequence.  The back pain issue seems completely resolved.  Hurrah!

Tuesday:  Woke with a headache so had some tablets with breakfast and then just did the daily seated practice.

Wednesday:  Ashtanga primary through to Bhuja Pidasana, back bends and finishing sequence.  Practice felt very comfortable today.

Thursday:  Went to the new “Morning Glory” flow class at Freestyle Yoga Project at 07:00 led by Sean.  Easy journey into Tunbridge Wells, lovely class, nightmare journey home.  Traffic in and around Tunbridge Wells is a complete nightmare.  I thought I would be OK as I was heading out of town but no.  The route passes several schools.

Thursday evening:  90 minute class at Freestyle Yoga Project led by Mark, who is just back from a week in New York practising at Kula Yoga and other trendy places.  Some interesting new moves.

Friday:  Daily seated practice only, following two classes yesterday.

Saturday: Today is a “moon day” (full moon) so it’s normal not to practice. I have developed a little tickly cough overnight so I decided to focus on opening the chest area and stretching the front of the body.  I did the Ashtanga standing sequence and then switched to some front of body stretches, before finishing with back bends.

Sunday:  Grr.  I have a cold.  I was out dancing last night at the Rivoli ballroom and I could feel the tickle turning into a sore throat.  Just the simple daily seated practice for me this morning – I guess I’m getting my moon day after all.

I’m not going to continue posting every week, but I’m still keeping the diary and will post a summary, perhaps once a month.  I already know that the next few days will be severely curtailed practices as I’m becoming too bunged up to breathe.  No doubt I’ll be getting my netti pot out to rinse my sinuses once it starts clearing up.  Meanwhile I’ve cancelled all my appointments for this week to give myself time to recover.

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1 Response to The Yoga Diaries: Week 4

  1. Sue sTewart says:

    Sorry to hear you are poorly, won’t see you Tuesday so hope you will be fully recovered next week! Sue S

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