The Yoga Diaries: Week 3

Not a good week, due to an issue with my back which I wrote about a few days ago.  Here is the diary, just for the record:
Monday:  Ashtanga primary series to janusirsasana C, including some vinyassas in the seated part,  full finishing sequence.

Tuesday: Had some issues with pain in my right SI joint and sciatica overnight so did Ashtanga primary series to janusirsasana C, but substituted pigeon pose for the warrior sequence and then did my daily seated sequence.  No time for finishing sequence as I had a massage to give in Hastings in the morning.

Wednesday:  A slightly later start as I had a free morning.  As per Monday but then added Marichiasana A and C.  I’m doing the jump-back-jump-through vinyassa between groups but finding that my lower back isn’t mobile enough in the mornings to do more than that.  The muscles were getting pretty fed up with the constant alternating between forward and back bending and were starting to protest.  Nice back-bend in finishing, but I could feel my lower back tightening up in headstand so cut that a little short.

Thursday: Just too sore.  A real issue developing in my lower back so just worked slowly though my daily seated practice.  Not going to be able to go to class tonight.

Friday: Much relief following some self-massage last night, but intend to do just the daily seated practice for a day or so.

Saturday:  Daily seated practice

Sunday:  Daily seated practice

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2 Responses to The Yoga Diaries: Week 3

  1. says:

    Sorry to read that you are having back problems – perhaps you are in sympathy with your mum – who is taking some action at last! Hope you improve soon – not for the lack of trying I am sure. R.

    • Mike Evans says:

      It’s been pretty much perfect since Thursday evening when I also decided that I had to do something about it and tried out some massage techniques on myself. Glad to report that I’ve been able to do a full yoga practice since starting again on Monday

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