Christmas Rant

Christmas marketing: Grrr!  OK, I know Christmas gets marketed earlier and earlier every season.  Armies of graduates are churned out of marketing courses at universities and colleges every year, trained to treat the rest of us as if we are stupid.  So I have to get this off my chest.  Well off my waistline probably, given that it was triggered by a Camembert cheese.  Lunch today was home made broccoli and Stilton soup (oops – more cheese!)  and home made bread.  (The bread recipe is here, I’ll tell you about the soup another time.)

CIMG0322D had picked up a fresh Camembert Le Rustique, one we have quite often.  Then I noticed that the usual balsawood box was overprinted with a festive Joyeuses Fêtes!  The addition of a couple of reindeer helping the usual Normandy farmer lifting his hat whilst driving a cart of milk churns gives a hint as to which particular fête they hope will be joyeuse.

Hmm, I thought to myself.  It is November 22nd and the cheese already feels soft and has a fairly ripe smell.   It’s ready to eat now.  By Christmas it’s probably going to be mature enough to be putting up its own festive lights and threatening the neighbours with alcohol fuelled abuse.

CIMG0323In fact the use by date on the box is Christmas Eve and the detail in the box says “AFFINÉ: Très fondant au goût intense moins du 20 jours avant la date.” In other words it’s pretty ripe by 4th December.  By Christmas you would be pushing your luck. Possibly to the point where the cheese course could lead to a very much less than joyeuse holiday.  Thanks a lot! Bah, humbug!



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6 Responses to Christmas Rant

  1. globie says:

    Makes me glad I don’t like cheese!

    • Mike Evans says:

      A friend was complaining that all the mince pies available in the shops also had best before dates well before Christmas. I couldn’t work out which would be more scary: mince pies in September or a mince pie bought in September that was still edible in late December.

  2. Sue Katz says:

    Very witty! Thanks. You can imagine how annoying it is for those of us who do NOT celebrate or relate in any way to Xmas – ie, non-Christians. I bought some cans of Coke at the supermarket without realizing that they were full of images of St Nick. If my dead parents knew I was keeping Saints in my Jewish fridge, I shudder to think of the reactions.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Ah well, got to have something to wash down the bacon sandwich eh? What’s a girl to do? Oy Vey! Quakers don’t ‘do’ Christmas either.

  3. says:

    Enjoyed this one – how true! By the way Merry Christmas to you both.R and K.

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