The Yoga Diaries: Week 1

So how did it go?  Not too bad.  I added a little more each day.  Following both morning and evening practices on Thursday my body was ready for a rest day on Friday.  The normal routine for Ashtanga yoga is to take a rest day on Saturday so for me Friday may be the new Saturday.

The only disaster was Sunday.  On Saturday evening I went to the Pink Dancers Glitter Ball in London.  I had a great time.  The glittery waistcoat, provided by S from stained glass class who is the wardrobe mistress for an amateur theatre group, was much admired.  But ballroom dancing for 3.5 hours followed by the train journey home and getting to bed after 1am meant there was no chance of my getting up and doing a strong practice on Sunday morning.

Of course this highlights the importance of getting an early night in order to dedicate the time to practice the following morning.  Yoga is a part of my life, but then so is ballroom dancing.  One is about the movement and control of one’s own body and the other is about moving in concert with someone else and awareness of others around us.  I think they both have things to teach us.

So here’s the detail.  Apologies to those who don’t know the ashtanga routine and for whom the Sanskrit names will be meaningless.   I’ve linked to the handy breakdowns of the sequences over at for those who want to make sense of it:

Monday:  1 slow sun salutation A, breakfast, daily seated routine, meditation.

Tuesday: 3 sun salutations A and three sun salutations B, daily seated routine, breakfast, meditation.

Wednesday: 5 sun salutations A and 5 B, daily seated routine, shoulderstand 25 breaths, plough 25 breaths, headstand 15 breaths, breakfast, meditation.

Thursday:  Sun salutations and Ashtanga standing sequence as far as parsvottanasana, daily seated routine,  shoulderstand 25 breaths, plough 25 breaths, headstand 15 breaths, breakfast, meditation.

Thursday evening: 90 min vinyassa flow class focussed on handstand plus jumping through and back at Freestyle Yoga Project.

Friday:  daily seated routine only (Friday is the new Saturday)

Saturday:  Ashtanga primary series complete standing sequence, daily seated routine,  supported bridge,  shoulderstand 25 breaths, plough 25 breaths, headstand 25 breaths, breakfast, meditation.

Sunday:  Daily seated practice and short meditation.

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