Following Jenny and Mark

In 2012 I went to Thailand to find out more about Thai massage.  I took a practitioner course with The Sunshine Network at the Lahu Village school.   There were 15 students on the course, which is small relative to the capacity they have today.  As a result we got to know each other quite well in the 12 days.  One of those students was Jenny.  She had done the course some time previously and was repeating it as a refresher.  She and her husband Mark were living in Chaing Mai and studying at the university.

IMG_1123 IMG_1124

This year, when I returned to repeat the course in the village, as Jenny had done, I met up with them in Chaing Mai.  Jenny had advised me by email on repeating the course and also how to go about studying with Pichest.  They formed a welcoming party and we went out to a restaurant together when I arrived.

They have just started an epic motorbike trip to enable Mark to gather information for his PhD.  They will be visiting Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Vientiane, Laos; and Kunming, China.  They have completed the first leg of the journey from Chiang Mai to Phnom Penh in a week and Jenny is recording the trip on a blog at


Already they have seen some wonderful sights and I’m looking forward to joining them on their trip, if only from my armchair as the winter draws in here.  Why not follow them too?

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