It’s been a great week.  I volunteer as a mentor with the Princes Trust and this week one of my mentees was presenting her business plan to the Business Launch Group.  She was successful and they awarded her the start-up grant she needs.  Filled with confidence I came home and threw six individual pie dishes.  They are altered to be square.  All six came out well.


On Friday I went to meet one of my other mentees who is just setting up his own bakery.  He makes excellent Sourdough bread and had just taken delivery of his equipment.  After a bit of a panic about things not quite fitting through the doorway it all got sorted and he’s had his first test bake and all is looking promising.  Another success.

Saturday morning I had a client for Thai massage and that went well too.  In the afternoon I cleared up the pottery, cleaned the white clay off the wheel in preparation for throwing terracotta.  I weighed out the balls of clay to throw six garlic pots and started to throw.  Disaster!  I don’t know how many hundreds of these things I’ve made in the last 20 years but I could not get it right.  I got two out of the six and the rest went in the recycle bin.


Today, Sunday, I met a friend for coffee in the morning and collected the rest of the Borlotti beans from the allotment.  I shaped the two garlic pots from yesterday and decided to have another go.  Surely it was just a fluke.  Well no.  Today I got four successes out of eight attempts.  So much for Mr Invincible.

At least I do have six pots, which I shall have to shape and coat in white slip before Wednesday when I’m away for a few days on a massage course.  Celebrate the successes and learn the lessons I guess.  The lesson this week being that if everything is going well, sooner or later you’ll get your comeuppance.

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