Massage Photo Shoot – second batch

Following the photo shoot in July with Hanri she sent me a few photos before going away.  On her return she went through the remainder and I now have the full set.  There are some great shots.  I’ve put a selection of them into an album format below and you can click on any of the photos to go to a larger version of that image or view them as a slide show.

I should perhaps say that the aspects of Thai massage which make for interesting images are the yoga-like stretches.  They do form an important part of the massage but certainly not the bulk of it.  (Each stretch is chosen to suit the body type, flexibility and needs of the recipient so if you were thinking of coming for massage don’t assume that you would have to be able to do all of these exercises!) Working the energy lines and acupressure points may not be as exciting visually or feel as dramatic so it is easy to underestimate the power they have.

Thank you again to everyone who volunteered as a model.  I’m working on a website using the photos so hopefully I’ll have something to show in the next week or so.

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