Allotment Goodies


I thought I would share this image of the things I gathered from the allotment this afternoon:

Rhubarb (it grew so much in the recent rain that I thought I could pick some, even though the season is probably over) a few tomatoes, sadly the plants have blight so there won’t be many more.  Runner beans, French beans, courgettes (the rains have turned some of them into nearly-marrows) carrots, radishes and two ukichi kuri squash.

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2 Responses to Allotment Goodies

  1. June Perry says:

    They look great Mike. The photo is a lovely still life too!

    • Mike Evans says:

      Just as you predicted the courgettes threatened to cause an incident. Your recipe for zucchini fries came in handy last week. I have a freezer full of beans too. Fortunately there is another family with strapping sons who are happy to absorb the surplus. They are away next week though so I may be after your recipe for zucchini bread.

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