Photo Shoot 2

I was going to add the initial sample of photos that Hanri sent to me recently to the previous post. However, looking at them I think they deserve a post on their own. Awesome is a much used word these days, but one I’m not young enough to be in the habit of using myself. It is, however, the word that springs to mind to describe my reaction to these images.

Hanri’s style is quite bright, and very contrasty. As a result her powerful camera picks out every minute detail. Every pore, every hair is there in a way that we are used to being airbrushed away in modern media images. In some ways they remind me of those fascinating and characterful images from National Geographic of old villagers in some far-off land. Except of course when it is my skin that is thrown into such sharp contrast it’s initially something of a shock.

Here’s a gallery of the photos – click on any one for an enlargement:

Having accepted the truth: that I now fall into the category of old and characterful, I’ve been enjoying imagining how these can be turned into a website for my fledgling massage practice. There are plenty more to come so these may not end up being the final choice. I’d certainly value thoughts and feedback.

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3 Responses to Photo Shoot 2

  1. jessglennyJ says:

    These are fab, Mike.

  2. Julie Willard mixed media artist says:

    Clearly shows how you work without distractions of a background. Very good.

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