Photo Shoot

Last week I organised a photo shoot with Hanri Shaw to get some photos of Thai massage for use on the web and printed materials.  I don’t recall ever being the focus of that much attention for quite so long.


The idea was to get a mixture of informational and interesting decorative shots with a variety of models.  Things like yoga, massage and sports tend to get photographed in an artificially ‘perfect’ way,  showing only a certain type of young, fresh-skinned, athletic person.  I wanted to show something broader and more inclusive than that.

During the two hour session I worked on five different people, so thank you to H, A, G S1 and S2, for lending me their bodies.  It was an interesting challenge for me to switch between different body types and without giving a whole massage get safely to the exercises that would illustrate the sort of thing a potential massage client could expect.  No surprise then that Hanri had to suggest more than once that I try to look a little less serious!

The venue was the studio at the Freestyle Yoga Project, which has muted tones and great natural light and afterwards H led a 90 minute yoga class.  I don’t know whether it was that I’d energised her with some back-bending exercises but I know I’m not the only one who virtually had to crawl out afterwards!

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