Open Studios 2014

wpid-2014-06-07-15.12.04.jpg.jpegSo with a bit of manic dashing about this morning putting price labels on the last few items and setting up a table with a visitors book (there’s optimism for you) and publicity materials I was ready to fling open the doors.  At which point the heavens opened and it looked as though it was going to be a day of sitting in the garage getting cold and damp and bored.

Fortunately it didn’t work out that way.  The rain only lasted a matter of minutes and in the first hour some people who live nearby turned up saying how they had been anticipating the event and bought five pieces!

wpid-2014-06-07-15.12.17.jpg.jpegMost of the rest of the day there was a steady stream of visitors.  Lots of people saying how glad they were that someone living nearby did this sort of thing and would it be OK to call in at other times when they needed gifts etc., and otherwise making supportive comments.  The afternoon was mostly sunny and I was able to move into the warm sun at the front.  All day D kept popping in to check that I was OK, fed, watered and didn’t need anything. Before I knew it it was closing time.

wpid-2014-06-07-15.12.31.jpg.jpegLast night, when everything was just about set up we went over to Hever to the opening party at The Red House.  That was a selection of different artists showing great work.  Then this evening after closing up at home we went to Hadlow to see the artists showing at Bourne Grange Oast East.  Also a good display.  We met Sue Walker and Mike Parry who are showing just up the road from us in Tonbridge and they had had a good but exhausting day too.

On Tuesday I’ll be going down to Seddlescombe to stained glass at Tony Wynne’s.  Although I do a class there every week Tony has been making some work which we have not seen so I’m looking forward to seeing that too.  South East Open Studios is truly open.

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1 Response to Open Studios 2014

  1. Julie Willard mixed media artist says:

    Glad you had a good first day. We wandered up to Folkestone and Hythe way. Met several other glass artists and a fellow ceramicist Mecki Allen in Hythe, she knew and admired your work.

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