Fired Up

All the work I’ve made in preparation for South East Open Studios is reaching the final stages and I’m planning the last few firings.  As ever it looks as though there will be work still warm from the kiln on the display.  In one sense I suppose that’s exciting: what more could people ask for at an open studio than work so fresh it is still warm?  On the other hand I wonder why I torture myself this way.

wpid-2014-06-02-10.44.52.jpg.jpegThese pots came out of the kiln late last week and I fired a batch of terracotta garlic pots over the weekend.  Two of those showed cracks on firing (Grr!) so they went straight in the bin.  Today the kiln is loaded with a bisc of some jugs and vases and a smaller platter.

wpid-2014-06-02-10.45.26.jpg.jpegMeanwhile the last couple of vases and a two portion casserole which aren’t quite drying fast enough are being helped along by putting them on top of the kiln.  They will join a few more things for another bisc – maybe tomorrow if I can get the kiln cooled fast enough when it finishes tonight.

At least the pottery will be warm and dry for the next few days so I’m taking the opportunity to wash things down and have a bit of a Spring clean.

Time to make parsnip soup for lunch and maybe this afternoon tackle the crop of nettles colonising the area around the compost bin at the allotment.   They are nearly as tall as I am! I’ll have to be wearing long sleeves so it’s a good thing that today is cool and overcast.



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4 Responses to Fired Up

  1. Julie Willard mixed media artist says:

    Good luck for the open studios. Will be popping by on the week-end. If you put the cut nettles into a fine net and submerge into water, the liquid it produces is great as an organic fertiliser. (Watered down)

  2. Julie Willard mixed media artist says:

    Mike I just remembered what the image on your plates looked like, A crane (bird variety) regards Julie

    • Mike Evans says:

      Funny isn’t it – I read your comment and thought “what is she on about?” Then I looked back at the photo and suddenly I see what you see. For me this set of work is all about seams of minerals in rock, and water cascading down the cliffs at Fairlight so in my head that’s what I’m thinking about when decorating. So with my preconceptions of what it’s about I would never see a crane. Then you come along with no preconceptions and the patterns speak to you in a different way. Love it!

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