New Work

wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-23-11.30.40.jpg.jpgI’ve been busy this past week in the pottery as there are only a couple of weeks to go before ArtSpring2 at Tonbridge School.  I wanted to have some more of the platters I’ve been making, inspired by rock and seaweed shapes I see at the beach we visit near Hastings.  I’ve previously done some upright vase forms in that style too but I’ve been trying to find a new shape to use as the base form.  It had to be simple, so that I could adapt it in different ways.  I threw two vessels on the wheel a few days ago and made some alterations/marks on them whilst fairly wet.  I’ve just turned the bases to get the final shape and now I’m excited about how they will look with the glazes on.  I shouldn’t do this – there is so much that can go wrong in glazing and firing.  Here’s hoping.

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