Village School Food

The Sunshine Network school has its own kitchen and three meals a day are prepared for students. The Lahu people are not vegetarian but the school is run on Buddhist retreat principles. In any case it solves most problems if the food is vegetarian. In fact it is essentially vegan except for the fact that eggs are offered occasionally. Even then they are served separately.

So a typical day’s food looks like this


Breakfast: sticky rice and boiled pumpkin. With curry paste if you choose.  Followed by…


Fruit and ginger tea.  This day it was watermelon but more often papaya and little bananas.


Lunch: brown rice, a sort of vegetable borsht, salad and hard boiled eggs.

Dinner: Brown or sticky rice, green beans  with tofu, yellow dahl and there was a bit of the borsht left over from lunch so I had some of that too.


The school, and Lahu, style is to serve the food with little salt and spice added.  However salt or soy sauce are available. Also there will be a small dish which very highly spiced. A teaapoon of this spread on a bowl of food is enough to turn it from bland to vindaloo strength.


All meals are served buffet style and there is plenty of it. We then sit on the floor looking out over the amazing mountain scenery to eat.

Ginger tea is available at every meal. However it is just root ginger and water. If you want coffee or tea (both grown locally) there are three little places serving them in the village. This is a good excuse to wander through the village after breakfast or lunch.

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2 Responses to Village School Food

  1. Sue Katz says:

    How is black tea served in the village?

    • Mike Evans says:

      Good question. Lahu tea is toasted on a metal pan over a fire. Then used immediately or stored. It therefore has a slightly smoky flavour a bit like lapsang souchong. It is brewed to a beautiful golden colour and these days served in a glass. I was given a cup made from a segment of giant bamboo for my birthday and I suppose that would have been the original way.

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