Back from the village

It will be too painful to put up a full review using my phone of the Thai massage course I’ve just completed.


This lovely bamboo house has been home for the past 12 days. Vacated by a lovely Lahu couple and their two pre-school sons who went to stay with her mother whils three of us shared their house.

The house is in two parts. A kitchen and a living space, separated by a deck. All raised off the hillside on posts. The pig, her litter, the chicken and her chicks live underneath.

The roof as of prefabricated material but everything else is locally sourced natural materials. Mostly bamboo which haa been cracked with a machete and opened out flat. It can then be used as floor boards or woven into wall panels.


This is the main part of the living space, which was my room. The bed is a couple of layers of quilts laid over the springy bamboo floor. Firmer than my usual mattress but surprisingly comfortable. The light, fresh air and woodsmoke filters through. Lahu people can even have a conversation with their neighbours without raising their voices.


This was the view from the deck of the house which greeted me on the first morning. Of course you will have to imagine the cacophony of barking dogs, crowing roosters and squealing pigs.

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2 Responses to Back from the village

  1. Graham says:

    Sounds a perfect immersive bubble for the course. Not sure I’d cope though.

    • Mike Evans says:

      It is something of a shock to the Western mind. It just goes to prove how many of the rules we take for granted can be broken. For example Lahu women don’t think it odd to cough like a horse or uncover their breasts in public. However they would be horrified if someone revealed their knees in a brazen fashion.

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