Off to the Lahu Village

I first studied Thai massage at the Sunshine Network School in a hill tribe village,  The villagers are Black Lahu, an ethnic group distinct from the Thais spread across Northern Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and the adjacent part of China.

CIMG5076The village is in the mountains between Chiang Mai and Chaing Rai.  Until relatively recently the Lahu were nomadic, moving to a new spot in the jungle every so often.  Now that they are more permanent they have had to adapt so that they manage the land around the village differently.  Staying put means that there can be a concrete road for access, electricity and even a mobile phone signal.  Even so – the lifestyle is very basic.  The houses are made mostly from materials available from the surrounding land.  Electricity is just used for lighting, cooking is on open fires.

CIMG5090The Thai massage course is over taught over 11 days and I don’t know how much I’ll be able post in that time.   I’m looking forward to really embedding the things I’ve learned so far.  In addition it’s just such a great place to get away, to sit and just be.

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