Thai food

One of the advantages of being in Thailand is that I get to enjoy Thai food. Of course it’s just called ‘food’ here.


Food is available everywhere. From small to large restaurants and street vendors. Surprising perhaps in a country where it is still relatively unusual to see someone seriosly overweight.

Thai food uses little wheat or dairy. Most dishes do contain meat or fish but in much smaller quantities than usual in the West. The bulk of any meal is rice or noodles and lots of vegetables.


Even in the touristy centre of Chiang Mai most of the ingredients are bought from individual sellers in markets.

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3 Responses to Thai food

  1. agata says:

    ah, ‘food’ the simple things in life…no packaging, no expiration dates, no idiot-proof instructions…just ‘food’ and common sense!

  2. Graham says:

    No wheat – marvellous for me!

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