InClay pottery

No massage school today so I took the opportunity to walk across the old city, out of Suan Doc gate and along Suthep road. I asked in a couple of places about the pottery but no one had a clue. Addresses in Thailand can be a bit imprecise compared to England. Turn off Suthep road just after the hospotal onto Surarot road and the take soi 3 on the left. There is a sign for InClay on that corner. Then look out for a short lane on the right. There is no sign on that corner but if you look to the gate at the end you will see one.


Throgh the gates and across a grass yard I found Jirawong, the potter, sitting at his wheel chickens running around his feet as he turned bowls.


We chatted for a while and I had a look around at his work. He works mostly in a local stoneware.  Firing to 1260°C in a gas kiln. He also runs classes for anyone wanting to try their hand.
I chose a celadon tea bowl.  It is sitting in front of me now filled with tea.


You can find Jirawong Wongtrangan at the Sunday street market or find him on facebook.

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2 Responses to InClay pottery

  1. Julie Willard mixed media artist says:

    Mike finally found your posts, they had all gone to my junk folder. Looks like you are having a fantastic time. How do I see the previous blog entries

    • Mike Evans says:

      Hi Julie. I think if you go to the blog hone page at you should just be able to scroll down through them. Not absolutely sure as I only have my phone with me so I only see the mobile version

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