A day in Chiang Mai

I arrived in Chiang Mai later than planned yesterday. The flight was delayed by a couple of hours.


Still a little off kilter with jet lag I slept in fits and starts. But that at least meant I waa happy to get up and do a short yoga practice in my room.

A cool start with an extra layer needed but by the time I wandered out after a breakfast of banana pancake I was down to a T shirt.

I spent the morning wandering towards the river and then making a loop back to the old city. I dropped into several temples along the way.

This was my favorite of the day. Clearly it doesn’t matter if you make your Buddha a bit too big for the hall.  You can just remove a ceiling pannel.


It reminds me of several IT projects I encountered in a previous life.

Levi, who I met the last time I was here, haa been back in town for a couple of weeks. We met up for lunc and he gave me some hot tips on the best massages.

I’ve just called into the wat on the corner by the guest house an had a great 1 hr massage to work off the effects of all the aircraft seats of the past few days.

Looking forward to meeting up with Jenny, another contact from the course I did two years ago, for dinner.

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