This was supposed to  be a post about firing some pots I made a couple of weeks  before Christmas. The idea was to take some photos on my phone and see how good a post I could do using them from the phone. A sort of trial run of what I am hoping to do from Thailand.

So I took one of these medieval style pots I’m making for E

and some Lao style lanterns I’ve been promising M for months. Then I started loading the kiln. I got the first layer in and the props for the shelf. I placed the shelf on and started loading the second layer. Just as I turned my back to pick up the last pot there was a bit of a thump. Hmmm. Better unload and check that was just the shelf settling.

Disaster. I had misjudged the height of two of the lanterns and the shelf had been resting on them. There they lay shattered into hundreds of fragments in the bottom of the kiln.

So having unloaded everything completely, vacuumed the dust out and re-loaded minus the broken pots the kiln is now on.

I’m just calming my thoughts before heading out to the pottery again for an unplanned throwing session to make some more lanterns.

I have no idea whether I will be able to get them made, dried and fired in the time  before I go away so huge apologies to M.

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