A new Blog

Mike1Welcome to the first post on my new blog.  Despite being a professional geek for years and years I’ve shied away from having a blog on the basis that no-one would want to read what I’d write, and that I’d probably regret it and delete it all within a month.

So what’s changed?  Well not a great deal, so if this whole thing vanishes on you suddenly that’s because I decided that the blogosphere was better off without my tuppence-worth.  However a number of things have conspired to make it seem like a good idea, at least in the short term.

Firstly, I’ve just completed my formal training in Thai massage.  A big thank you to all the people who have supported me in that.  I’m going to be making a trip to Thailand shortly for further training and I’ve had so many questions asked about it that I thought I’d try to post some images and comments as it progresses.

In addition to that I often get asked about what I’m up to with my pottery,  how I keep in shape, what I eat, how I cook, my yoga practice etc etc.  So this might turn into a place to dump all of that information.  I enjoy others’ blogs on these subjects  so maybe I can return the favour. I’ve added a some to the Blogroll list on the side and will do a little review of each one in the next few weeks.

Also on the side is a “Follow” button if you’d like to receive email notifications of new posts and options for RSS feeds.  Anyway, thank you for reading this far.  Let’s see how it goes and where the journey takes us…

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1 Response to A new Blog

  1. globie says:

    Welcome to Blogland. I had the same thoughts when I first started to write. I did it more as a record of my progress or lack there of and was amazed so many people have ended up reading it, commenting on it and in quite a few cases it’s led to meeting other bloggers in real life.

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